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Anyone using one of the "band in a box" pedals for their performances?

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  • Anyone using one of the "band in a box" pedals for their performances?

    Preface: I did a search but it didn't bring up any results. Is the search function broken?

    Hi all, it's been awhile since I posted, but thought I'd reach out here and see what folks recommendations/thought were regarding the BeatBuddy, SDrum, TRIO or any other of those "instant drummer" type contraptions for your solo gigs? I'm thinking of working one of these in, but I really don't need anything fancy. Just simple kick/snare accompaniment would really work fine. Maybe I'm better off getting like a JamMan and loading some simple loops on it? Ive done that before, to varying degrees of success.

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    Yes, unfortunately search isn't working ATM - your best bet is to use Google and include Harmony Central as one of your search terms.

    In addition to drums something like a DigiTech Trio also gives you bass too, but the Trio is really designed more as a practice partner than as a virtual backing band for live performance. The lack of recallable / chain-able presets and the need to set the tempo manually for each new song makes it somewhat limited if you want to use one on a bunch of different songs in quick succession live. The Trio+ adds a looper, which is a nice feature, but as I understand it the other limitations still remain.

    If all you need are drums, something like a BeatBuddy or BeatBuddy Mini might be a better choice. I haven't tried the SDrum, but it looks like another pedal-style drum machine that could possibly meet your needs.

    PS Nice to see you - don't be such a stranger!


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      Thanks for the reply and the welcome back, Phil! Yeah, I'm thinking a BeatBuddy might be the ticket. Would love some user experiences using one live.


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        I have tried a few ways of getting a backing beat, such as;
        Roland drum machine - too complicated, Beatroot stomp pedal - too tiring, foot tambourine- see Beatroot, finger drum app on iPad into looper - still working on this but doesn't feel "organic" enough.
        I have finally settled on whacking my guitar into a looper combined with percussive strumming does the job and requires no extra equipment.
        Always interested in new bits of kit though, man I will never be rich 😅
        Cheers Steve


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          The only issue I had with the Beat Buddy [I was an early adopter, as with the StompLight] was the tap dancing between it, the looper and the vocalizer was too distracting. I also have the external switch, which although it simplified the functions, added another little target on the floor.
          I have gradually weaned myself off all of these, and my last solo gig [in April, sad to say] was just me, a mic and an a/e...and it was a breeze. Each has its place, and admittedly with everything running it did sound pretty close to a band, but I am a solo act, and I really think that is my strength and where I need to focus, not on the geegaws.
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            If I was going to use any kind of backing for small gigs I hope to be doing with my wife I'd just continue to use the technology I currently use in the 5 piece band I'm still part of. I use Digital Performer on a MBP with a MOTU 828x and little SSD. Although it might seem more complicated it's actually something I've been doing for years so I know it well and there's no doubt that you can create any kind of tracks you'll ever need!


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              I'm also a Digital Performer user. I used to use MIDI tracks only, but I started adding rhythm guitar tracks (on some songs) a few years ago. It all gets mixed down to an mp3.

              But, I started working with a female singer about 6 weeks ago and she's use to using karaoke tracks. What she wants is the background vocals. We could spend a lot of time recording those tracks, but it's easier to buy a karaoke track for $3.

              I used to use a drum machine live (long ago). A drummer friend wanted me to program his Alesis and it was just too complicated and taking too much time!


              • Bob Dey
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                I had the original, HR-16 nearly 30 years ago and didn't have any problems programming patterns and songs. And the quality of the samples was way better than the Yamaha unit I had prior to that.

                But somehow the SR-16 and Sr-18 models got real complicated!

              • steve mac
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                Mine was the sr18, I picked it up on a trip through Texas and loved the sound of it but never managed to use it to anywhere near it's full capabilites.

              • Bob Dey
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                I also used an Alesis D4 module for a while which sounded great and followed the drum sequences I made on an Ensoniq synth. Much easier to program drum patterns on a synthesizer with a built in sequencer or with a DAW program.