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Better Phone Jacks - more solid connection - fewer problems.

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  • Better Phone Jacks - more solid connection - fewer problems.

    I have been plagued with 1/4" phone jack/plug connection problems for about as long as I've been a musician. And that is a looooooooooong time.

    You know the kind, one cable moves another, or you brush up against a cable, or you breathe on it (exaggeration) and the jack/plug connection gets compromised with the resulting pop, crackle, and/or drop out. Drives me crazy some times.

    About a month ago, I bought a new, different design. It clamps the tip and ring parts of the connection with two opposing flanges. I took the time to install 4 of them today on the most troublesome connection problem I have, and I can almost jump rope with the cable with no problems. These work.

    Now I don't really buy into the hype about better tone because I figure the electricity either gets through or not. With the tiny size of the center conductor of most cables, it doesn't need any more than that much contact. But if you have connection problems, these might just do the trick for you.

    I just bought a half dozen more.

    Note, I have no association with this company at all other than the fact that I'm a customer.

    If interested, you can check them out here:

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    The jack on my phone looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

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      and thanks for sharing...

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    Interesting - it looks like they're using two points of contact for the tip instead of just one. Thanks for the tip Notes!

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      actually, they use two contact tabs for the tip and two similar [but shorter] contact tabs for the sleeve as well. In my experience, it usually is bad sleeve contact going into the jack rather than the tip, especially on older instruments, but this eliminates both potentialities. All you need now is to be able to solder well, and voila...positive contact everywhere.
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      When I worked for the phone company a long, long, long time ago they were called Tip and Ring. And yes, there are two opposing contacts on both Tip and Ring (or Sleeve) which solved my connection problem.

      I've got more for my road rack. I have played once a week on a deck over a salt water lagoon at a marina for over 10 years. I live with DeOxit and DeOxit Gold to clean and retard oxidation of contacts. This is one more thing in my arsenal to keep clean signal coming through the cables.

      I wrote a letter to the company thanking them for the product when I ordered the additional jacks. (I like to give positive feedback when I like something and constructive feedback when I don't and have something to say). The owner/inventor identified himself as a road musician and an engineer and said he used to have the same problems with connections. He implied that's why he came up with these.

      Like I said, if you aren't having connection problems, they aren't needed, but if you are, they could be a big help.