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  • It's all about Timing

    I hate it when people waltz into one of my gigs when I am clearly playing 4/4
    Cheers Steve

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    Better than them marching out when you play a waltz.
    There is more than one way to do this. Notes Norton


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      My wife and I just got back from a Duke Robillard concert. Great band! I was listening to his laid back vocal phrasing . . . until I realized that most of the time he's singing in 3/4 . . . .


      • skmarshall
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        I know Duke Robillard as a customer from the many years I worked at Rhode Island Music. He always credited his unique playing style to his learning to solo by listening to horn players instead of other guitarists.

      • senorblues
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        He's 70 - my age.

        He's clearly coming at this from the jazz, rather than rock, school. Drums, bass, keys as well.

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      Steve, your story has an interesting twist. Are they milling about or are they organized and in a line, dance?


      • steve mac
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        Maybe I am just trying to start a rumba

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      Originally posted by steve mac View Post
      I hate it when people waltz into one of my gigs when I am clearly playing 4/4
      I get amused when I play a waltz and see people with 3 different interpretations of where the first beat of the measure is. I see some heads rising on 1, others on 2 and others on 3. It's what I call a 'floor show'.

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