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Cross-fade Split Possible?

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  • Cross-fade Split Possible?

    Wondering if any keys/synth allow a split where each sound fades out from the split point instead of a hard cutoff?

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    What i'm trying to accomplish is two sounds equal proportion in the middle, mostly one sound on the lower end and mostly the other on top.Tomorrow I think I might try layering a couple sounds and putting a hi pass on one and a low pass on the other and see what happens...


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      If I am understanding your question correctly, you want the sounds to get softer / quieter the further away from the split point you get?

      I’m not aware of any synth that can do that... nor can I think of why that would be useful...

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        I was thinking about making a sound for Bonnie Rait's I Can't Make You Love Me. I think a layering of electric and acoustic piano would sound great in the middle but I want the upper fills to be more acoustic and the lower end to be more electric AND I don't want any hard cutoff points where the sound drastically changes.
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          It depends on how many midi zones you have. For example you could create up to 16 independent zones on a Kurzweil Forte. You could set 8 split points each of the 8 resulting splits have 2 zones and you can adjust the levels of each of the 2 layers independently. This would create the effect you want.


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            Nord Stage does crossfades on splits. It can be useful, mostly in case of ‘accidental’ playing across the split, to avoid unpleasant live surprises.