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Kronos, Forte or more ideal options?

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  • spdrcr2
    started a topic Kronos, Forte or more ideal options?

    Kronos, Forte or more ideal options?

    Current Setup
    Montage 6 (very happy...haven't touched the synths yet, but I was certain I'd need Keyscape, until I started wandering through the EP patches, and the touch screen driven, multi-key split capability is a DREAM for live performance).

    MIM Fender Strat, MIA J Bass, with delay, OD and Trem pedals (in other words, don't need any of these replicated via a workstation).

    What I need

    Joined a new cover band and I want an 88 key board, as I like to incorporate Oscar Peterson/Ahmad Jamal style runs over chords (with a quality EP, I can get into C8 octave territory)

    It's a small band, so I'll be the one providing strings, horns, piano, EP, organ, flute via my 1-2 boards, live


    Kronos X - All the rage it seems, but I have quite a history with this thing only having previously owned it only a week...see below

    Kurzweil Forte - Keep hearing good things, but also hear that it's dated...

    CP4 - see below

    Your suggestions (Not interested in the Nord Stage or RD Series...I've demoed them both)?

    My experience thus far...

    Had the Kronos one for a week, runs had this weird note skipping thing. Looked online, noticed other owners mentioned keybed issues. Returned, had it sent for repair, no issues found by shop (I play an acoustic piano weekly, and extensively played a Motif XF8 and Montage 88 in the store without issue). Ordered a different Kronos, and they never shipped it because the store noticed 2 bad keys before putting it in the box.

    I want to love it (because all of the communities swear by it), and will have an option to repurchase once fixed, but really concerned about reliability (15 year Motif 6 owner, with 0 issues)...

    Had the CP4 for only a day (BEST ACTION EVER, almost as good as a real Steinway ...even having demoed the Kawai MP11, I prefer the CP4), realizing it was cracked during shipment. The reason I bring it up...I don't want a fully plastic chassis or the external power supply (which means no MODX, MOXF8, or anything else fully plastic...willing to deal with added weight for long term reliability).

    What am I giving up if I forego the Kronos (I have a CPU setup for recording, and the performance recorder on the Montage is a good enough "sequencer")?

    I don't intend on any immediate advanced synth modeling, but want "modern" sound capability (I want the flexibility to recreate Thriller, T.O.N.T.O. or newer EDM sounds as efficiently as possible)!

    Whew...okay, thoughts?
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  • Outkaster
    True and I have been a Yamaha fan for years.I'd love if they had continued the S90 XS Series The Forte is cool though.

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  • AnotherScott
    Your primary sound needs are "strings, horns, piano, EP, organ, flute" plus maybe some good pure synth functionality -- so I'd focus on boards that shore up those areas where the Montage is weakest. You can always use MIDI to play your Montage pianos and other sounds from your attached 88 if need be (and to play the organ in your 88 from the non-hammer Montage 6 keys).

    Forte and Kronos are good choices... sonically complementary to Montage (I'd say stronger on EPs, organ, VA synth), good MIDI functionality. Very different feeling actions. CP4 or any other Yamaha 88 doesn't really bring much in the way of sonic capabilities to your rig.

    ETA: also, for some other nice EPs, check the ones from Purgatory Creek, available for Montage, Kronos, Forte, or Kontakt.
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  • Outkaster
    I have a Forte. It's not really that dated and a dark horse in the keyboard world. I have a first generation Kronos I like a lot but I use them for both different things.

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  • kbeaumont
    Of the ones you listed I would go with the Forte. The Forte isn't really dated unless your wanting to do the latest EDM dance stuff. But that's what your Montage does very well. What I like about the Forte is the Kurzweil sounds sit in the mix very well and there is a very good selection of sounds. Less fluff that you would never use. The programs sound as though they were made by people who actually play gigs. Instead of flashy sounding patches that get drowned out in the mix. The Forte also just announced an upcoming v4.0 update that will add a 6 operator FM synth engine.
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  • Etienne Rambert
    For my uses, I’d want a KRONOS but I have zero confidence in Korg Quality Control.

    You’ve had your issues. I’ve had mine too* but KRONOS has KARMA.
    I find that very useful.

    *I’ve owned 5 KORG synths or modules. 3 had defective screens.
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