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How do you make this sound on VSTs?

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  • How do you make this sound on VSTs?
    The synth lead I am trying to make on Dexed or Sytrus.
    I’m using FL Studio so Sytrus, Dexed or GTG FM 4.

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    I'm not sure which specific sound in that video you're going for... the opening melodic lines are pretty generic sounding synth & synth flute patches; they are using a fair amount of pitch bend wheel (sounds like it's set for a whole note bend) on several of the notes, and the first one has a fairly short envelope and decay / fast attack and release. As far as which of the available VSTi's that you have could come the closest, or could be most easily edited to achieve the sound you want, I really couldn't say - I have never used any of the ones you mentioned. Sorry.


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      It sounds like a Jazz Guitar preset on an old synthesizer. Not sure how to reproduce it using those VSTs though.
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        I think it’s the DX7 Pedal Steel patch, but it doesn’t work right in Dexed because of the lack of the envelope bug.