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Can you play fast on a Prophet 600?

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  • Can you play fast on a Prophet 600?

    I was wondering if you can play fast and in a more percussive manner on the P-600 despite the slower envelopes, etc.? The demos I have heard so far have been mainly sweeps, and pads and slower single note passages. Are there ample presets that allow for faster playing while still retaining that characteristically, bright, sharp resonance that makes the P-600 so special?

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    The envelopes aren't that slow. It won't play the snappiest techno basslines you've ever heard but as long as the rubber domes of the keyboard mechanism are in good shape, it's fine.
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      Thanks Carbon. Can you call up a preset that sweeps a little at the end of the phrase and still play relatively fast while still hearing a bit of that resonance?