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  • New Amps for Keyboard

    Hi. I currently use an ancient Yamaha DX5 keyboard along with 3 sound modules, a Kurzweil PC2R, Korg X5DR, and an Alesis Nanopiano.

    I'm starting to look into purchasing new amps for the keyboard and sound modules, and would greatly appreciate your opinions about what PA speakers to purchase. (I currently have a Motion Sound KP200S (it never produced the full sound that I enjoyed when using 2 PA speakers). In place of the Motion Sound KP200S, I have been using an old Peavey KB300 on one side and an old Peavey 15" PA speaker on the other (powered by a very ancient Shure Vocalmaster). Time for new speakers!

    Barbettas? JBL's? What others?
    15" speakers need only reply.
    Please let me know model numbers, too!

    As always thanks.
    And a very special thanks to the guys who recommended the Kurzweil PC3 to me last week. This may change my life!

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    I've been enjoying QSC's K-series, great quality and fairly priced.
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      JBL's allways a good choice imo.
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