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Hardware MIDI CC sequencer?

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  • Hardware MIDI CC sequencer?


    I'm looking for a hardware step sequencer which can send MIDI CC messages. It would be cool if it also could send various LFO CCs. Another plus is if it could send program changes too

    Anyone knows of a device like this? Preferably pretty small. I want to use it to send messages to pedals on my pedal board.

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    Yamaha RM1X


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      I do all that with my Machine Drum SPS-MKI
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        Yeah, but that's sort of like using the Hubble Telescope to set ants on fire :-)


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          Most hardware step sequencers based on the analog sequencer model, send cc's.

          Ultimately you get into how much $ do you want to spend, what other features that you want, etc, but I'd guess that all of the currently available such sequencers would do this:
          Schrittmacher, p3 (used only), genoqs octopus and nemo, zeit, MAPS, cyclus 3, maq 16 (think it can send controllers, but don't remember specifically), orb (don't know, but suspect that it can). Also, elektron stuff, spectralis, probably others. I'm sure I'm forgetting some....

          I know that the genoqs stuff, and the p3 can send controllers. The rest would have to be researched....I believe that the p3 has lfos (can't remember), and the zeit has lfos.