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Need everyone's help with a "Moog" MG-1 repair quote!

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  • Need everyone's help with a "Moog" MG-1 repair quote!

    Hi All,

    Here's the situation:

    I recently sold a Moog MG-1 on Ebay only to find that (even with very careful packaging), some how, sadly it arrived broken with two keys bent and the receiver saying that the electronics don't work and they think the circuit board is damaged. Thankfully, I put $400 insurance on it from the United States Post Office and they hopefully will give me the insurance money, but they need a quote from a "synth repair shop/person". Now, I know that it could cost plenty to fix a broken circuit board and keys in a MG-1 because it would possibly require parts from another one. I've tried a couple places, but no one will give me a quote without seeing it. I don't have it of course, so I can't take it somewhere.

    Could you guys do me a huge favor and just send a quick reply stating that given this information what you think the repairs could be; like between: $xxx and $xxx. It can be a very rough estimate. That way I can send this forum link to them as verification of what a reasonable cost would be to repair.


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    The buyer also added: "The two oscillators won't change pitch, i.e. no matter what key is pressed on the keyboard, the sound emitted by the VCOs doesn't change."



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      I don't think anyone can give you a realistic repair estimate without seeing the unit, or at the bare minimum, seeing pictures of it, the damage, the innards (PCB), etc.


      However, I do agree it would likely be expensive to repair due to the fact that the MG-1 hasn't been made since the early 1980s, and you probably will have a very difficult time trying to get some of the parts for the repair short of cannibalizing the corpse of another one. Current prices on the used market for an MG-1 in decent condition typically start at around $500 and go up from there. If there are broken keys and a broken PCB (which is very bad...) the repair costs could easily reach the point where they're not worth it - it all depends on what's broken, and where.

      You could always ask the person who you sold it to to take pictures of the damage, and / or ask them to take it to a local shop for a repair estimate, but most local shops will probably have a bench charge to even look it over. When I used to manage a repair shop (nearly 20 years ago), our bench charge was $75... we'd apply that to the repairs if you approved them, but if not, that's what you were looking at just for us to open it up, test it, and write up what was wrong with it and give you a dollar amount for the repair estimate.

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        Thanks Phil. It does depend on the extent of the damage and your description seems apt.