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Good soft synth tutorial?

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  • Good soft synth tutorial?

    By that I don't mean something that explains what sine waves vs sawtooth are or a ton of general technical detail. Not looking for something about the concept of synths in general. I mean something that shows a typical soft synth and explains (better yet has examples to listen to) of the various controls and how they can or do change the sound, how you can use them or how they typically are, etc. I haven't found anything online as yet....

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    I found something calling "Syntorial" which is in the ballpark...unfortunately "all" this talks about is what diff sounds are like, how to recognize diff sounds/effects and what they are etc...which is great, if that's what you're after, and it gets me part way, but again I'm looking something more keyed to looking at common controls on a soft syth and manipulating them (vs trial and error as I am now w/gaps in my knowledge of them). Oh it also forces you to take little quizzes and you cannot move to another section before you pass them, which is rather annoying and a poor feature...but still it is well done overall IMO. You can download a demo which has a series of lessons and purchase for the remaining ones if you want.
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