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Stock sounds/samples that come on keyboards now are often underrated

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  • Stock sounds/samples that come on keyboards now are often underrated

    IMO. Agree/not? What if any stock sound on your keyboard do you like enough that you're not interested in replacing it?

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    After reading various pro-audio and keyboard/synth forums for many and many years, I'd say this is a totally fair statement. Most users either buy the wrong products, or do not use the gear they have to their full potential....including keyboards and synths. Out of all keyboards I own, I'm going to hold on to the Pa4x. It has great sounds, key action and it's pretty versatile. Even though it's an arranger keyboard, I use it to play EPs and Piano and I'm quiet happy with it.


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      Now that the band has FINALLY found my replacement I recently got two keyboards back from the guitarist's rehearsal studio. I'm not too excited about the Roland XP-30 but I'm looking forward to playing with the Korg TR88. I'd only begun to explore the capabilities of the TR when it got enlisted into gigging duty so I didn't get to play around with it as much as I would have liked and when it was replaced with the lighter/newer Roland FA-08 it became a band rehearsal keyboard. I remember it having some great sounds that I really wanted to mess around with and it's also the only full size keyboard I've had that's short enough to fit into my homemade studio desk setup!