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Can someone help me identify the name of this synth?

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  • Can someone help me identify the name of this synth?

    Hi! Can someone please help me identify the name of the synth that starts playing around 1:36 in this youtube video?
    Thank you in advance!

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    I'm pretty sure the arpeggiated parts that start at around 1:36 are being played on guitars, not keyboards.

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      I think he might mean the soft / Hohner Pianet style / FM e. piano decaying sound that's playing more prominently on the left channel (yes, the ones prominent on the right channel are definitely guitars with tremolo fx) - If that's what you mean, you can get that type of simple electric piano sound from a myriad of synths / keyboards... anything with an osc and filter, so, unless you ask the guy/gal who played that part, it's very tough to make a guess. If you have even the simplest synth, with a filter and filter envelope, you can get that simple sound in no time...