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Good keyboard for a funeral parlour

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  • Good keyboard for a funeral parlour

    I'm sometimes asked to play the organ for funerals at the local funeral parlour. I love it! Easy money, about a block from my house, and great people to work with. But their organ is dreadful. It's a Hammond 125xl -- pure gimmicky transistor awfulness with nasty plastic keys.

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    I haven't brought this up -- it's a gig where I don't need to carry in anything but a book -- but it's time to replace it. Kijiji sometimes has church-grade electric organs free if you can move them and these guys are undertakers and can lift things. But, if they'd prefer to go new, what do you think would work?

    I have a Yamaha p-255 which is a lovely stage piano, but the organ sounds are poor (actually, pretty good compared to the 125xl), or else I'd suggest one of those. I just don't know what's out there that would be a good pipe organ and also a good piano and not *nord* expensive.
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    The Numa Compact 2 or 2x ($699 MAP) sounds pretty good and has 9 drawbars. The organ starts at 4:20.

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