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Boss SP-505: card problem or...?

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  • Boss SP-505: card problem or...?

    Hey there,

    Been having problems with my Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation. Bought it off of Ebay, I was able to sample some off of it ONCE when I first got it, but now I keep getting the same error message. "Error!!! Memory Full!"

    So I got 2 memory cards, I have formatted each through the 505, although using my card reader to connect to my laptop showed no data on the cards. I am going to type out every step I take when trying to use this machine, please let me know if you see where I'm going wrong.

    Inserting the memory card gold part face down while machine is off.
    Power on.
    Pad bank.
    Value to scroll down to my user bank, then press enter.
    My source is a Mic input so I select select Mic as Source.
    #5 pad as the source of the sample.
    Then I press sampling again to record, and then the error message pops up.

    So then I go to the memory card to try to attempt to make sure it is set to record to the memory card and not the internal memory. Here's what I'm doing.

    Card (f3)
    Save (f3)
    song/pin (f2)
    then execute.

    Then I repeat the steps I did before from pad bank through selecting the #5 pad.

    What do you think? What am I missing here? Did I get ripped off?