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    Hey guys. New here. I started an account on behalf of searching for a free synth vst that offers very high quality lead patches. I'm wanting some leads similar to what Jordan Rudess has on his Korg Kronos. I know that's a lot to ask for, but there has to be some affordable option out there. It's possible I can drop $50 on some software in a few weeks, but I'll give you list of what I'm using so far: Sylenth1, SuperTron 2.6, TAL- NoiseMaker, Crystal, and Kairatune. I like a lot of the sounds I'm getting out of these vsts, but it generally takes a very long time to get a sound I like. Even when I do create something plausable, I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable using it on a track. Most of the sounds I'm getting are a little weak/cheap sounding. They're free vsts so I can't complain, but I'm looking for something that sounds huge!
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    First of all, welcome to HC.

    Are you running a Mac or a PC? Any particular plug-in format that you need? IOW, what DAW / host are you using, if any? Or are you looking for stand-alone synth apps?

    Finally, do you have an iPad? You might be surprised by the number of cool (and relatively inexpensive) synth apps that are available in the App Store.


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        OB-XD and Dexed are great.
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          Second the OB xd for that Oberheim sound. Also found this FWIW - some of what you listed is on here, can't speak to the others:


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            Europa by Propellerheads is an extremely flexible and powerful synth, and now they've pulled it out of Reason's rack and made it a VST. And it's free!