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Woody's piano shack, real world edition.

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  • Woody's piano shack, real world edition.

    I occasionally watch woody's videos on keys and recording, always strikes me as a thoroughly nice guy, someone you would like as a friend.
    Just came across this from October. Woody has lost his day job and is in semi panic over which direction to go. How many of us have found ourselves in similar straits over the years, I know I have. You see it as an opportunity to go for it musically but of course you still have to pay the rent.

    have subscribed because he needs all the help he can get. Check out a few of his vids and do so too if you feel inclined. Like an ear to ear comparison of Korg M1 and the Korg M1 VST here.


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    Pretty cool. I love some of those sounds even now. In Caribbean music they are still used a lot.
    "Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"


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      I subscribe to his page. He actually does some nice videos where he keeps the talk to a minimal and plays the synths mostly which works best for me.