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Any quick and easy way to "shutter" a single shot of sample ?

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  • Any quick and easy way to "shutter" a single shot of sample ?


    If I have a 4 bar long drum loop (wav sample) and I want to "shutter" the kicks like "BT" style. Is there any editor or tool can do it ?

    Edited : Hope the answer can apply to single shot of sample



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    I can't say I have ever heard of this 'shuttering', but would be curious to hear it. Perhaps a link to an audio example would get more people jumpin on the bandwagon to help?
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      brrp= single sample. whose alts are these? I shudder single sample. Shutters are window dressing.


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        Hi Cowby,

        Just about any audio editing software can do this, but you need to be more specific in terms of application. Are you trying to stutter the kick live? Are you trying to separate the kick from the rest of the loop and have it stutter while the rest of the loop continues to play? Are you trying to do the effect in real time? Give some more info, and I'll tell you how to do it.

        For what it's worth, BT has said in several interviews that he manually adjusts each granular element, one at a time, in Pro Tools.


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          Do you mean a "gating" or "gator" effect as it is called?

          Just search the effects forum at for "gator". Here are a couple threads that popped up:

          KVR Link 1

          KVR Link 2

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            Perhaps he means a slicer?
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              if you're using a hardware sampler, most have a "Roll" or "Note Repeat" feature for what you're looking for-- hold Roll and press the sample bank that the one-shot is in and it'll do your BT shutter/strobe effect. MPCs, drum machines, etc, will have this, and of course software like mixmeister or ableton will let you loop the one-shot with some copy+paste.