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Korg M1 card alternatives?

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  • Korg M1 card alternatives?

    Right now I load my various M1 patches using MidiOx from the PC. Cards would be better but, as M1 users know, they are insanely expensive each never mind a gigging library.
    Are there any alternatives like a USB drive adapter like the one for the DSS-1 or anything ? An 'SD slot' kit would be a dream.

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    Short of using a computer with an editor / librarian program, I don't know of any...

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      I'm amazed that m1 sounds are still relevant. my M1 still works and i can use it anytime i want but with a triton pro, triton rack, TR rack and M3 I don't need to. they have any M1 sounds that I need

      BTW you can dump your patch librarys to external sequencer tracks as system exclusive messages. I used to keep them stored on floppy disks on my Akai asq10 sequencer. If i needed a different patch library i just loaded the sequence for the library and set the M1 to receive SYSEX and hit play.


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        Originally posted by moogerfooger View Post
        I'm amazed that m1 sounds are still relevant.
        Thanks Moogerfooger. That would be factory sounds many of which are padding or novelty .Would any one actually use "Lore" for example? I'd be embarrassed to. However I admit I'm not rich so I have to work with what I've got.

        My experience with Korgs is that they can do better with bespoke patches. With the DSS-1 I have some great Steinway Piano samples Brass and strings from a now defunct company in Germany.
        I am sure the M1 will retain a following just as the DX7 probably does.
        I do sysex in from the PC but it would be nice to have a laptop drive tucked away in the M1 rather than have to plan in advance what to load before I take it anywhere.



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          I know a guy locally selling a ton of cards.
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            Generally they are selling for £50 - £75 each here

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          Yeah about the same here.
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