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  • midi vs audio help requested

    midi versus audio latency pop issues

    07-16-2017, 09:32 PM

    Hello all, I hope I am in the right area for my question. Any way here it goes.

    I finally got my Carbon controller to work with sonar platinum but the issue I have now is "pops n clicks"

    Basically, in order for me to get the triggers(hitting the keyboard) to work in "real time"(so i hear the sound immediately when struck - no latnecy) to work in midi - I had to adjust settings in the audio portion to get this to work--and it did--but it still pops n cracks

    Now when I open up a previous recording that is all audio - I have "pops n clicks" in the playback because of the adjustments I have made for the midi(i am totally new at midi)

    my audio runs through a line 6 guitar floor system into my lexicon lambda interface - the lexicon into the computer via usb (also powers it) - i cannot get the controller into this unit directly(old 5 pin)
    the controller(keyboard) so it runs directly into the computer usb (also powers the controller)

    so my thoughts --questions

    1. Do i need to get a new audio interface that I can run the controller and the line 6 through to make this work correctly?--noting that I would need the interface to also supply power to the controller

    2. Will I have to continually adjust my audio settings to jump from all midi song to an all audio song? - what happens when i want to use both?

    3, Is there a work around here? I would like to get midi sounds and guitar in the same songs?

    I appreciate the input---turn it to eleven


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    What computer are you using? I have also had the clicks and pops. But usually only when playing something that is very CPU/memory intensive. Usually just adding more RAM fixes most of the issues I have encountered. Or using a different plugin. You could also replace the interface some just have better drivers than others. Usually if your anywhere near the minimum specs for Sonar:
    2.6GHz Intel/AMD Multi-core processor or higher, 4GB RAM minimum
    Windows 7 or later
    Then your most likely going to have issues. That 4GB, I would double it!


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      thank you Kbeaumont---great points - I think some of issues is the drives which I am currently resetting up drive locations to external. I have 8GB ram and a 2016 computer so I think its just a drive issue now--kinda reminds me of when I ma n mountain biking and the chain skips--lol


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        I know you're running Windows because Sonar has always been a DOS/Windows only product.

        Make sure Sonar is set to use the ASIO driver for the Lambda interface - not WDM or MMS. It will be buried in a menu like " hardware" or something similar. You can download the latest driver software for the Lambda HERE.

        Adding more than 4 GB of RAM won't help unless your computer is running a 64 bit operating system. A 32 bit computer can only directly access 3.2 Gb of memory. There are both 64 and 32 bit versions of Windows, if you don't know which kind you have, right click on the "My Computer" icon and select "properties"; under the "system" sub-heading should be an entry for "system type" and that will show whether you have a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows.

        This space left intentionally blank.