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Advice on What keyboard to get for my uses

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  • Advice on What keyboard to get for my uses

    Hello guys, I am looking for a keyboard to do home recordings with and would like to get something with Quality sounds with a large variety is most important to me, I don

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    Used or new? What is your maximum budget?


    The Yamaha MOX6 just came out, sounds amazing. $1,200. This would be my pick right now.

    E-mu LONGBoard, solid bread and butter sounds: $400

    Yamaha MM6, good sounds, $600

    Korg X50, solid acoustic sounds, wonderful pads/synth: $700

    Roland Juno-Di, very versatile, quality Roland sounds, $700

    Roland Juno-Gi, better version of the Di, $1000

    If you want better quality than the MOX6 and want new, you then have to jump to $2000 or more.

    On the USED market, you have a much wider choice.


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      +1 for Yamaha MOX6
      very versatile, love the audio interface feature, and so damn light !


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        All the recommendations above are good ones at any price. I own a Juno GI and it rocks for amount of sounds and quality. I have heard the MOX. And it sounds really nice as well. If you can deal with micro keys the KORG Microstation is great sounding, even better than the Triton plus $599US. Not bad.


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          Thanks for the advice guys, I checked out all of them you have mentioned on You Tube and have them narrowed down these in no particular order.

          Yamaha MOX
          Korg M50
          Roland DI
          Roland GI

          Price IS a big issue for me, I have been looking at used on Ebay and at Guitar Center. What is the difference between the Roland GI and DI besides the 8 track recorder that could justify the extra cash ? if it has more quality sounds then i would consider that but they seem the same.

          Thanks a bunch !


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            The Juno G and D series do have similar sounds, though no two synths will ever sound exactly the same.

            Shopping used I see Juno D (precursor to Di, similar sound) for $250-350 regularly on my local Craigslist...a good buy for your application.

            Also if you see a Roland RS-5 for sale used, this is the precursor of the Juno D, very similar and even cheaper.
            My VCAs go to 11


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              Di can only do simple 2 patch split/layer
              where as Gi can do 16 layer by split and/or velocity


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                Thanks for the clarification on those,The GI would be more of my interest then, but I have been really drawn towards the Korg M50 after watching all the You tube videos.......


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                  used gear not an option ?


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                    Ha, thats what I purchased today was a Used Korg M50 for $500 Its no Triton Extreme like the one I used but it will do the job !

                    Thanks for the help guys !


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                      Good purchase, better than Extreme in some ways (pianos). Good luck.


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                        How about the X50 in a used Korg for me that is to go along with my Roland RD700GX, can't beat the price of a used one like $400