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    What's around the corner?

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    A brand new line of Korg workstations to fill in that missing price point gap between $1,199 and $1,599.


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      Andromeda 2

      Moog Poly

      Roland Analog

      Korg Analog with real keys, knobs, patch memory, arpeggiator and sequencer

      Are as unlikely as ever... ;-)

      Yamaha may bring out their next workstation.

      Korg will bring out stuff that is small

      Roland might bring out a workstation that runs on SN tech


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        Quote Originally Posted by plaid_emu
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        A brand new line of Korg workstations to fill in that missing price point gap between $1,199 and $1,599.

        The new Kromos?


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          Korg Microstation replacement. Or they abandon the line.

          Roland Fantom G Replacement. Or not.

          Yamaha has everything new already.


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            Quote Originally Posted by BillErickson
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            The new Kromos?

            Behold the Korg Krispy?

            I'm actually expecting a new Motif. It's been 3 years now.

            Also, a Venom substitute that you can actually edit from the keyboard itself?

            A new groovebox from Korg - Polytribe?

            DSI and SE already have new synths out, so they shouldn't have anything new to show.


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              Kronos OS update to make use of that touch screen; the sequencer and soft knob update in a Krome vein(but better). Perhaps even a new engine, like Z1(I know, talking about unlikely, the original coder is really unlikely coming back), or just retouched wind modelling.

              Perhaps its too early to see, what Mike Martin meant, when he said that the XW-P1 is only the beginning. A new PD flagship from Casio combining both XWs in the mix as well as arranger functionality. A Casio MZ-2013, when everything is not enough!

              Even hearing somebody talking about Andromeda 2 makes me have a small orgasm. Andromeda 2 as a flagship and a smaller 8 voice synth for more reasonable price and making actual business(Ursa Major and Minor)...OR a 8 voice, BUT a 3 oscillator architecture. New Andy might be improbable, but I understand, that they got their money back from the VA investments...perhaps there's something digital cooking to satisfy Ion/Micron/Miniak/etc fans, perhaps they even combined forces with Venoms designer to make really nasty VA with mean sample mangler. Actually, make it a Fission while at it; a workstation, that you can install different modules like M3 + Radias, but perhaps in an integrated fashion.

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                Quote Originally Posted by Casio Man
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                ...Even hearing somebody talking about Andromeda 2 makes me have a small orgasm...

                So I tickled your fancy


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                  I'm not in the buying mood, but I'd like to see Yamaha re-introduce an updated AN system. It sounded pretty decent but could have been a bit more knobby.

                  Every year since I had a Korg Z1, I've said I'd like to see them do it as a softsynth. Not likely though - enough people have asked for it with no results.

                  Are they going to do something with these mono-tron thingies?

                  Access seems overdue on the TI line. Anyone still have hopes for a Nord Lead 4 from Clavia?

                  Another thing I mention pretty much every year, is that it'd be cool if Kurzweil came out with a straight up controller. Something like the MidiBoard with anorexia, and some knobs, sliders, and ribbons.

                  Seeing as how I've been kind of waiting for some of these things for about 10 or 15 years, I don't ever realistically expect any of them to happen. But I still talk the talk every year.


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                    new motif most possibly 2014


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                      I'd say a new Roland workstation. Korg is cleaning up just now with the Kronos and proves the market for a workstation is still strong despite economic conditions. Roland is missing out and needs to get back in this market soon.

                      And if Roland does release a workstation during 2013, one of them has my name on it!
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                        Yeah, Roland DOES need a workstation....

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                          Quote Originally Posted by Plink Floyd
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                            Quote Originally Posted by Plink Floyd
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                            Post of the year.
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