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IK Multimedia MODO Bass Review/Article

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  • IK Multimedia MODO Bass Review/Article

    I've been playing around with IK Multimedia's physically modeled electric bass virtual instrument for a few months now, learning things I never knew about my DAW (Reaper), how a VSTi works, and mostly about why one bass and one bass player sounds different from another. What started out to be a review with a slant toward its value in learning how the instrument works and the ways that both design and playing technique affect the sound ended up being a lengthy article about what goes on under the hood and how it can be measured (and the results of my measurement).

    If you want a great sounding and flexible bass plug-in, get it. That's the short review.

    You can jump directly to the full article by clicking here
    "Today's production equipment is IT-based and cannot be operated without a passing knowledge of computing, although it seems that it can be operated without a passing knowledge of audio." - John Watkinson, Resolution Magazine, October 2006
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