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    <<Could this be due to the amount of data we are putting through the inspire? Is there anything we can do to try to fix this? I have updated versions of the software, adn my laptop is really new so i hope it isnt a hardware issue (512 MB RAM, fast processer (>2 gig i think).>>

    I would guess that your laptop is using a 5400 RPM drive; most desktops use 7200 or 10000 RPM. First of all, defragment your hard disk and see if that helps. If not, you may need to get a higher-speed external drive.
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      You are the man.

      It just so happens i had a high-speed external drive on my desktop. I used it and it works perfectly. Thanks so much!

      -john b.


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        But defragment your C: drive anyway!
        The first 3 books in "The Musician's Guide to Home Recording" series are available from Hal Leonard and Listen to my music on, and visit Thanks!


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          whoa this is the most comprehensive review about Inspire
          i reallllllyyyyy thank you a lot

          but i still have one question:

          <<* The mic pres are okay, but not as clean as the ones in the Firebox. For most applications, given the price of the Inspire and its intended audience, they'll do just fine. But if you want to up the quality level, feed a mic pre into the instrument input or the 3-4 line level inputs.>>

          how to make the Inspire's mic pre stop working when another mic pre is feed to its instrument inputs or 3-4 line level inputs? is it possible by just turn the gain to zero?

          im planning to buy a universal audio mic pre, so i need to be sure that we can 'turn off' the Inspire's mic pre so the audio signal from the external mic pre unaffected. im planning to use the Inspire only for converting audio signal while i use the universal audio for the mic pre.



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            <<how to make the Inspire's mic pre stop working when another mic pre is feed to its instrument inputs or 3-4 line level inputs? is it possible by just turn the gain to zero? >>

            You can do that within the applet, no problem.
            The first 3 books in "The Musician's Guide to Home Recording" series are available from Hal Leonard and Listen to my music on, and visit Thanks!


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              Originally posted by Anderton
              Well, it's been a long time between posts, but that's because I've been convinced I could find a solution to the motorboating/noise issues happening with the Inspire and my Mac. AND I DID! Keep reading...

              I read Paul White's review in Sound on Sound about the Inspire (he liked it too, by the way) and he also referenced a FireWire whine - but unlike my situation, this one happened when monitoring, and wasn't recorded on to the track. Well, aside from being a great guy he's very knowledgeable about Macs, and mentioned downloading a set of the "CHUD" developer tools from Apple. When he turned off processor cycling, that solved his problem. Cool!

              So I downloaded CHUD, turned off processor cycling, got out my mic, plugged in the Inspire, started recording in Cubase LE and...nope, the low-level motorboating was still there, and was still there on playback.

              So I closed the Inspire applet, and...hey, what's this?!?!? The motorboating went away! I put the applet back on screen, and the motorboating came back. Closed it again, and the preamps became clean and happy, and of course, because everything had been set in the Inspire, it was still sending signal to Cubase LE. I recorded a vocal track, and played it back, and...

              THE NOISE WAS GONE!!!!!!

              So if you have one of those weirdo Mac situations where you hear artifacts being recorded on your tracks with the mic ins, just get everything set the way you want, and close down the applet while recording, and all will be well.

              Amazingly simple. If I'd only known this a few months ago...

              I bought the inspire as it was one of the only interfaces at the time of purchasing my MacBook that was compatable with the intel chip. I find the noise of the unit makes the unit un usable. The rear channels 3/4 seem ok as long as you don't push the gain too high, and the guitar inputs are ok, but there's definately noise and interferences going on there. But, if I plug an SM58 into a mic channel, I need to wack the gain on full with boost enabled to get a loud enough signal, and the background noise makes it unusable. I tried DL'ing the CHUD tools, but they don't have an option to turn off processor cycling on the intel chip. I'm really dissapointed, and feel like I need to buy another interface now. Anyone else experiencing similar problems or know what I could do? btw, I'm using Ableton Live 6, but problem is the same with Logic Express too.


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                Try closing the applet after you've made your adjustments. There was a graphics issue on my Mac that greatly increased noise when the applet was open.
                The first 3 books in "The Musician's Guide to Home Recording" series are available from Hal Leonard and Listen to my music on, and visit Thanks!


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                  yeah, I've tried that... unfortunately doesn't affect the noise when the control panel app is not open. I'm not sure whether I should sell it on, or invest in a channel strip and record through the rear inputs.?


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                    I've just tried using a mic cable with a 1/4" adaptor into the front line sockets, and although I still have to crank up the volume and there's still noise... it's not as annoyingly loud... I might see if I can borrow a different XLR cable and see if my one is just a dud.


                    • I was wondering if anybody here uses this product to import vinyl to their computers. Although I will be using this box for recording, converting my vinyl to digital is my primary reason for purchase. If anybody here has used it for that purpose, I would really appreciate any input, insight, opinions, etc.


                      • Craig, thanks for being available for questions and tips. After installing the Inspire unit with Cubase LE, Cubase only seems to recognize inputs 1 & 2 from the Inspire. When I try to choose inputs 3 & 4 for a new track, the only options I'm given are inputs 1 & 2. I've searched through the Help index and the pull-down menus for some way to set up the software I/O to recognize inputs 3 & 4, but I can't find anything. The store where I bought the equipment was of no help. I appreciate anything you can tell me! The unit is the Inspire 1394, and the Cubase LE is version 1.0.8 running on Mac OSX 10.3.9......thanks again!


                        • Thanks for the great review Craig!

                          This has been a great in depth discussion and has been very helpful to me - I am VERY new to computer recording having always used an outboard recorder. This being the case I have had a steep learning curve to get my head around USB vs Firewire etc and may well be buying the Inspire tomorrow for my new set up.

                          Just on a purely technical matter ... I have noted the one downside is the lack of MIDI - I am primarily an alt rock/experimental musician but I do want to work with soft synths and perhaps midi guitar in future ... I'd like to hear from anybody else who has the Inspire that has set up an additional MIDI interface with the Inspire and what they have done or recommend doing to get this happening.

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                          • Thanks for this very helpful thread....I have owned the Inspire for about 2 years now, I am pleased with the interface even though I have had a few issues with it, most of which has been addressed in this thread. I'm not a big fan of it's preamp, kinda noisy at highish levels especially with boost on, I use mine on a PC and used your trick of closing the applet, once set, to reduce noise and it worked, I still get a slight wavery noise. Still most of the time I use my SM pro audio TB202 pre/phanton/compressor/EQ going into the inspire and the SM's tube pre is quiet and much warmer sounding. And I have just ordered a Art tube pre for to use with the Inspire RCA ins mainly as a Ribbon mic pre, Ive read good reviews on it as a Ribbon pre, My SM and Ribbon are fine, but with the Art also that should make 4 inputs at once, I hope......



                            • Any comments so far or questions you want addressed? The next sections will involve installation and the applet controls.

                              Hi, I've been using the PreSonus 1394 to record my amateur radio show for about a year now. The box works great and I'm used to the interface and the inputs and outputs.

                              My one biggest outstanding problem is that I can only use 1 mic input! Sometimes, I've thought about having guests on the show, which I thought would be a snap if I got a second mic for the second input. However, I cannot figure out how to get both mics to feed into my PC. I can get the mic sound out of the headphones but not through to my encoder.

                              Any help, tips, or suggestions would be tremendously appreciated.

                              Oh, I use a Dell Inspiron laptop with the generic interal sound card, if that makes a difference. But so far, I've been able to get the encoder to record whatever comes in through the mic input on the laptop so I suspect the problem is that the Inspire 1394 is simply not feeding the second mic out through the outputs.



                              • I read a review that said there's a hum if you use it with an ac adapter on a laptop.
                                I've only got a laptop with firewire pcmcia card, so I'm wondering if this is going to be an issue if I use the ac adapter.