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    I picked up a MC Mix last week. nice layout, as I would expect from Euphonix. having used the S5MC's a ton, I am looking forward to picking up the MC Control as well. I dig the Eucon protocol... just works nicely. I largest wish would be for Digidesign and Euphonix to kiss and make up, but I realize that's probably never going to happen. I used Nuendo with the MC Pro's and I was impressed with the level of integration- It's pretty cool, and I look forward to seeing the MC mix work with Nuendo as well. I have a 6 month Trial license of NUendo, but apparently I can't register it to a level enough to get an unlock code from Steinberg/Yamaha- That's a bit of a knock on it in my book, although that's not Euphonix's issue.

    Here's a coupl eof tips, coming from the school of hard knocks... take this with a grain of salt, because this knowledge was earned on a System 5MC...

    A) Used Shielded Ethernet Cables. If you have any length on your run between controller and computer, I would highly recommend this. We were experiencing module drop off and erratic performance until we switched over to the shielded cabling. I noticed it as well when I initially hooked up the system through a Gig E router- It was struggling a bit until I made up a shielded cable. YMMV- If you have a very quiet (electromagnetic-wise)room you may be fine without.

    B) do not share the Eucon Enet port with Internet ot other network traffic. Get a second Ethernet card (100bT is fine) if you don't have the ports available. This will work wonders.

    C) Static IP= headaches

    D) PC support is coming. The Eucon software work fine on the MC Pro/S5MC setups using PC's, so I woudl imagine it would be fairly simple for the Euphonix fellows to get it running. I know I am going to Run Nuendo and SME on a PC.... i hope.

    Have fun!!!!

    Todd A.
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    EAW LA212 Monitors
    JBL PRX-512M Monitors
    Whole Lotta Cables


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      I have the MC Control and, for the most part, I am very happy with it. A few things I noticed along the way.

      First, I think we need to establish what a control surface is for. The purpose of a hardware controller is so that you do not need to use you mouse and keyboard for much. The MC Control excels at many things. It a great controller for mixing and mastering. It works well with plug ins. It is very expandable and has a lot of potential. The one little caveat that I have found is that editing could still require the mouse.

      I know that you cannot get away from the mouse and keyboard for everything. But, I would like to use it as little as possible. There is this neat little jog wheel on the bottom right hand corner that i think could be used for more than it currently does. It jogs, and zooms and generally moves. The one thing it currently does not do is assist in selection.

      What I purpose is a softbutton that you can switch on/off in order to allow selection of clips. This is how it would work...

      - Select a track
      - Move the jogwheel to the appropriate start time
      - click the select soft button
      - Move the jog wheel to the end time
      - press the soft button again

      It would really help in the creation process. I find everything else about the MC Control very intuitive. This is the only piece that i feel is severely missing in order for my dependance on the mouse and keyboard to be diminished.

      The only way i found to kind of do what i am talking about is to select a track, change the start and end locators to encapsulate the area i want to edit and then hit the select button on the slider that corresponds to the track that i am on. This is okay, but i must change the locattors, every time i want to edit something. If it's a looped region then, you will have to turn off the loop and move the locators and then move the locators back and re-loop. Additionally, you must select the, "bank" of 4 tracks that contains the track you want to select for editing in order for it to work.

      Just a few observations. Oh yeah... This is with Logic 8.02. It may work differently with other software. I contacted Euphonix about this and they said there is an update coming very soon that will allow definable keys that may help this scenario.

      - Mike


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        Hi Mike,

        Thanks for the feedback. Version 1.2 software (which is in the final phase of testing) will definitely open up a whole new level of functionality for you with the included Soft Key Editor. This will allow you to customize the soft keys for each application to handle almost any function - especially for EuCon-native apps like Logic Pro.


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          I am really looking forward to version 1.2. It sounds really interesting. The ability to map my own softkeys will be incredible. I asked to be part of the beta, but did not get a reply yet.

          On another topic... I tried SME the other day to see how changing control room and monitoring parameters would be through the MC Control. It seems to work very well. There are a couple of caveats that I think need to be address there too. My first concern would be extra latency that could be inserted by using an intermediary app as a connector to a audio driver. It seemed to be fine with my limited testing. It was just a thought.

          Secondly, There needs to be an unlimited amounts of inputs to map. I have 18 inputs coming through my Apogee Ensemble and connected a/d converter. I need to be able to map all 18 to be usable in my audio app. Maybe it can and I am missing something. If not... I think that should be a feature update.

          Again, I am really loving the MC Control. These are just little things that could enhance it's functionality.

          - Mike


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            Hi Basshag, is there a way to force more than 36 faders. A dealer told me this was possible. Any future plans to increase this amount. Would be nice to be able to get a least 64 faders.


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              Hi Kokobeware,

              The 36 fader maximum (more specifically, running four MC Mixes and one MC Control simultaneously) is one that we can increase if needed in the future, but there are no plans to do so at this time.


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                I just wanted to mention that Euphonix has just released their latest version of Eucontrol that includes soft key mapping. Basically you can create softkey screens and assign the soft keys text, color, icons, and commands. Very, VERY useful. I really like the way Euphonix is going with this. Thanks guys...



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                  Any inside word if Ableton will implement the EuCon protocol natively in an upcoming release?

                  I see the benefit of it in Logic and would love that in Live!


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                    Hi Craig and All,

                    I started a thread on Logic Pro Help re the MC Mix and someone pointed me here. Glad to see such an in-depth discussion on this unit. I recently acquired one. Loving what it's doing for me. Using it with Logic 7.2.3 (the main version I work with) and also Logic 8.0.2

                    Couple of questions...

                    1) Static IP... it's easy enough to assign a specific IP address to the unit itself, but I run into wall when it comes to properly setting up the Mac's network settings via the System Preferences). The reason I've been wanting to explore this is because sometimes it's a bit hit 'n' miss as to whether or not my system recognizes the unit.

                    2) Has anyone been able to successfully configure it to work with the Mackie Control or HUI emulator for use with 7.1.1 (which doesn't natively support the Euphonix protocol)? After many many attempts at getting this to work, I ended up basically like this:

                    3) Seemingly curious omission... when you cycle through the automation modes via the MC Mix (shift+select button) you can select Off, Read, Write, and Read/Write (Touch) modes, but not Latch.

                    4) Someone above mentioned that there was an update which addressed the behavior whereby scrolling the banks on the MC scrolls tracks on the DAW. I don't see this option (but I could have missed it). If it exists, where can I find it?

                    5) Will it be possible in the future for users to edit, re-map, or nudge the display of plugin parameters? For example, when EXS-24's parameters spill across the display, ENV2's parameters are divided between two pages (specifically, ENV2's release time parameter doesn't make it to the same page as attack/attack v.mod/decay/sustain.) If the parameter display was nudge-able (which I don't believe it currently is), that would be fine. Or, it would be useful to be able to map out a little-used parameter earlier in the list, essentially moving the following parameters "down by one" so that the ENV2 release time would appear on the same page as the other ENV2 parameters.



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                      3) Seemingly curious omission... when you cycle through the automation modes via the MC Mix (shift+select button) you can select Off, Read, Write, and Read/Write (Touch) modes, but not Latch.

                      You set this up in Logic under Global Commands, see this thread over at GearSlutz:


                      There's loads of info to absorb in that thread, but well worth the read IMHO.


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                        Replicant, thanks for the linkage.


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                          BUMP.... PC support anytime soon?
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                            We are pleased to announce the release of EuControl 1.2.2

                            What's New

                            MOTU Digital Performer 6 (v6.01 or later) now directly supports EuCon, giving you added in-depth control of DP from MC Control and MC Mix. You no longer need to configure DP to use Mackie Control. Detailed setup instructions are found in the EuCon Application Setup Guide (PDF), included with this installer.

                            EuControl now remembers which surfaces are in the My Surfaces list. This helps in facilities where other EuControl users are on your same network, as only surfaces that belong to you are added when EuControl starts. If this applies to you, go to the Surfaces tab and change the new Automatically add: pop-up button to My Surfaces only.
                            The default setting is All Surfaces, which is used when you are the only person running EuControl in your home or studio. It provides a no hassle, plug and play experience, automatically adding your surface(s) so you never have to manually edit the My Surfaces list.

                            MC Control users can speedily scroll through Pro Tools tracks using the jog wheel. When controlling Pro Tools, go to the Soft Key tab and assign the EuCon command Left Edit > Nudge to a soft key. Toggle this soft key on. Turn to jog wheel to nudge forward and backward through all tracks.

                            Bug Fixes

                            Improvements in knob sensitivity when controlling certain Pro Tools plug-ins. If using Waves plug-ins with Pro Tools, be sure to select the HUI control surfaces support (low res) checkbox in the Waves Preferences dialog box that comes up when launching Pro Tools. You can hold the shift key during Pro Tools launch to show this dialog.

                            In the Insert Special pop-up button found in the the Soft Key Command Editor's Add... Key command, the \, Keypad Enter, Return, and Spacebar keys now work correctly.

                            General stability fixes.


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                              PC drivers soon, artist_support?
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                                Quick and hopefully easy question...

                                How do I turn a track input on and off in Logic Pro using the MC Mix? ie I'm recording a guitar, it's running to analog 1, which is routed to track 1, I need to turn the input on in track 1 to hear the guitar/get a signal to record. I've been mucking with it and looked in the manual and haven't been able to figure it out yet.

                                Thanks in advance.
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