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    I'm using the PX5D Sound Editor and would like to edit some of the user settings. I can figure out how to make changes, but it doesn't seem to allow you to change the name of the setting. In other words, in User 00 - Metalic, I would like the name to be changed to User 00 - Hendrix. Can this be done? If so, how?


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      Great! I love it!by the way.. I'm a newbie here guys! I'm having fun reading and discussing the topics..


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        I just ordered one. The idea is to use it with a ZT Lunchbox or a PA. So, a key feature is "small". I want it to provide some reverb and tone shaping.

        I'd like to get it someplace, like on the guitar strap or on the guitar (a 335 type) where I can control my volume with with the device.

        Any ideas about how to get it affixed?


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          I loaded the software. It worked.

          But, later, I tried to use Band In A Box and it didn't work.

          Apparently the Korg software wrote over the drivers that BIAB needs.

          Anybody have a solution to this?


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            i have owned alot of gear, and have had many different brand-named expensive effects units. my stage effects (over the years) have included everything form Digitech rack units, to top end Zooms.

            but funny enough, i bought the first Pandora series many years ago, and i just loved the sounds of that unit, infact the majority of my playing has been done on pandora series's just easier in a small practice enviroment, to use the pandora then the bigger gear.

            so although i use a lot of high end effects............. i do have series one pandora, and i am not unfamiliar with the programing and tweakings of the smaller units. however i simply can not get a good distortion sound from the PX5.............. ?

            it seems to me that unlike Pandora series one, where the distortions are found and tweakable within their own EFFECTS chain, the Pandora PX-5 only has a handful of ugly sounding Distortions within its DYNA effect chain, (with hardly any tweakings available) and it seems that the majority of Distorts have to be selected by chosing the correct AMP and SPEAKER selections................... could someone please tell me if i am doing something wrong, and i'm just failing to understand this unit.

            because it seems to me the majority of Distortions have to be chosen by cosing correct AMP and SPEAKER selection (yet even they sound bad)

            ......................... on the positive side, i do have a BOOMERANG phrase sampler, and i love it, and i use it everyday, so i have been spoilt, but i would like to say that i am impressed by the Phrase Sampler on the PX-5


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              I've got one of these and I love it. Really nice to not have to fire up the ol tube amp when you just want to mess around quietly for a few. Have gotten some really cool recorded crunchy sounds out of it by cranking the volume on the unit thereby overloading my preamp which goes into my interface. Sounds great!


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