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  • I wasn't don't need a continuous web connection, just long enough to authorize. That's why I was able to put the laptop in sleep mode, open it up on a plane, and keep going.

    Agreed on all points. But at least if you lose it, forget it, and don't want to tie up a port, as long as you can go online for a few seconds you're covered.

    well, I've just spent the last 40 minutes trying to log in via internet. it wont let me in. Says there is something wrong with my internet. Of course there isn't, or i couldn't be here. Apparently there server is down. Seems like its an issue searching through the forum. Ironically, the support page that the props linked to in the thread I found, gives a 404 error. What a pain this crap is. After almost an hour trying this, I give up. If I had a crack of it, I'd be on now, no fuss no muss. like I say, it only punishes the legit users.


    • ok, well, I figured out why i couldn't log on through wifi. Seems like Record needs to have the windows workstation service running. I, like most veteran DAW users, have streamlined my install and I have disabled a lot of services.

      Propellerhead really needs to, at the very least, publish (somewhere obvious) a list of what specific services need to be running in order to use Record (on their website or better yet on their install booklet).

      So the other problem with the internet authorization is that you can't open any songs. So I guess you can make new ones, save them, or have a song open already and then never close it. Kind of a pain.

      Serial numbers like Reason and Sonar are so much better. And again it's not like dongles actually prevent any piracy.

      I've avoided dongles like the plague. Last one was the Cubase printer port dongle. But I eventually started using a crack of it because I didnt have a printer port anymore and still had a lot of songs in that file format. I totally don't feel guilty about it either. If I paid for the software, why should I be made to jump through hoops to use it?

      However, I don't think I will use one now with record. I finally got everything working and wifi access is pretty much available anywhere.

      Kind of a pain, but it it what it is.

      Other than that pain and hoop jumping, I'm really liking Record/Reason. I would go as far as saying I really love it.


      • I just wanted to give my take on Record after playing with a little deeper.

        Despite the copy protection issues (which I've accepted as "it is what is"), it's really a brilliant program.

        I'll list a few of the things I really like about it.

        1) The built in tuner on each audio tack. I really love this feature. Create an audio track, and there is the little tuner icon. Simple and easy and gets you going right away.

        2)The on screen piano keyboard. I only use it on my laptop, but it's a great feature. It lets you play beats and add melodies and work out songs right from the qwerty keyboard. All I need is my laptop and a pair of headphones.

        3)The integration with my other hardware. I have a V-studio 100 that I was able to integrate pretty well (I haven't figured out how make the fader control the next track..but other than that, it's set up to my liking pretty well). I also have an emx1 that sends midi sync to Record. Record responds perfectly to tempo changes and start/stops. Both those pieces of hardware have now become an extension of record. I hardly need to touch the mouse. Very nice.

        4)Blocks. This is an awesome feature. Seems simple and obvious. And it is. Which is what makes it so great.

        5)Low latency. I am able to monitor and record with the Record/Reason effects with no perceptible delay or latency at all. With the same buffer settings in Sonar 8.5, the delay is so much it's unusable. Its the same buffer settings on the same sound card, so it should be the same. But somehow Record has less latency.

        And there are more things that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on. Like Neptune. And side chain compression.

        But this program is so easy and inviting. I've hardly read the manual (though I am a long time Reason user so I'm sure that helps).

        It is going to replace my main DAW for me. Of course, there are things that I will want from my other DAW (like VST plug ins and deeper editing of audio tracks). But at that point I can just rewire Record into it an finish up my production.

        I am really loving this program and having a real blast with it. It's so liberating and easy to use.

        Craig, is it possible (when you find time!..I know you are a very bz man ) for you to get really deep with neptune?


        • I'm trying to use my V Station 100 with Record 1.5 and Reason 5. I've got it pretty much working to my liking except for one issue. I can't get the fader to control more than one mixer volume channel at a time (whichever I assign).

          I want to be able to push a button and have the fader control the next channel on the mixer. Then push another button to go back and move around in this way so I can control the mixer volume fader with my V station fader.

          I've got the V-Studio set up as mackie a mackie universal controller (which is how you are supposed to set it up).

          But it's not working.

          I went into the advanced edit override section and assigned what seemed like the parameters to assign for this, but it did not work.

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.


          • I haven't been able to map my faders successfully yet on my 01x but was super surprised that it was mapping to the 01x at all. I love Record although I'm only on V1 of it. It's simple yet powerful. Maybe not a full fledged DAW but for my needs, it rocks.