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The Resurgence of Records

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  • The Resurgence of Records

    The sense I get is that this trend is driven by sentiment and "hip factor".
    It certainly isn't a superior listening experience. Thoughts?
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    It's about true social media. When you play a record, it moves air and people are in the room. Try doing that with an iPhone and earbuds...
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      Buying a turntable is on my list. But I have to confess I'm not highly motivated. The Bluetooth headphones when out walking and YouTube when listening at home are tough competition. I just finished a class (Psychoacoustics and Listening Skills) with a teacher who regularly praised the sound of vinyl records on a good playback system. He's 61 y/o and has produced records and engineered recordings throughout his lifetime. In other words, he knows audio. BTW, I gave him my stack of 1940's 78 RPM records I inherited from my father. There is a charm and mystique to vinyl. But I rarely (actually pretty much never) just sit and listen. Maybe that's the real issue, actually sitting down and just listening. Carving out the time for listening, while doing nothing but listening.

      I think the vinyl mystique would be enhanced for me if I knew there were great things to play that hadn't made it to CD or YouTube.

      By the way, my neighbor who buys and sells used vinyl as a sideline mentioned an Orbit U-Turn turntable. He had a high opinion of it, but I didn't question him about it. I see you (Hardgroove) included a pic of a Denon TT (turntable). With that fat body I'm guessing it has something to do with reducing rumble or wow maybe ?

      I'd like to read some technical wonkish opinions of some TT's. Written for the non-wonk. Would blind A/B comparisons of a vinyl against maybe a CD show the LP sounds better? I guess it would be apparent which was the CD and which was vinyl so maybe it wouldn't truly be a blind test.

      What are the main features we should look at to evaluate a good turntable ?
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        Mostly sentiment and "hip factor".