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Guitar Effects.... Anything New Under The Sun?

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  • Guitar Effects.... Anything New Under The Sun?

    Hello all.
    Been away for a bit (traveling, recording, producing, parenting). I'm approaching the start of production for a new project and I'm wondering if there are any NEW guitar effects on the market. I'm not looking for improved versions or combinations of existing effects. I'm looking for something that hasn't existed before. Anything?
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    hmmm, if improved versions or combinations of existing effects don't count, then there's not much new under the sun
    most new pedals still are rehashed classics, sometimes improved (less noisy, added controls/functionality),
    trend for a while now is to pack as much power into one pedal as possible, DSP programming made this possible, some pedal companies release separate pedals (eg the new Keeley reverb pedals), all based on the same DSP chip technology, some manufacturers (eg TC Electronics) pack all these separate reverb modes into one pedal
    another trend has been the simulation pedals,like the EHX K9, C9 and B9 pedals,
    another trend is to put (studio) rack gear in pedal format, Origin FX and JHS have been doing that
    then there are the band-in-a-box pedals, like the Beatbuddy,or the Digitech Trio, not really effect pedals as such

    but new things, nothing much really,
    you have these open source pedals and programmable pedal platforms like the Owl or the Aristocrat,or more fanciful like the Hotone Xtomp and programable DSP boards like the Axoloti and such. These pedals allow customization-by-software, comparable to VST software, but then as a piece of hardware, and you use software to create new sounds, a bit nerdy so it is not really taking of, but definitely cool and with a thriving community that is experimenting and creating new sounds (and hence, new effects)

    but new things, really,nothing I can think of,
    I've been toying around with a 6Appeal Spicetone, need to finish a review for that pedal, it can be used as a simple dirt pedal, but in fact it is a polyphonic overdrive, distortion, fuzz, modulation, sequencer, filter & stereo pan pedal targeted to. guitars with hexaphonic pickups

    there's Aalberg Audio and GTC RevPad who are trying something different with a remote wireless controller

    last week I tried the TC BodyRez, an acoustic guitar enhaner pedal and thought it was something new, porbably also just a DSP based effect, but it did a great job at making an acoustic sound like an acoustic (played through an electric guitar amp)

    edit: forgot to mention the Korg Miku Stomp, still want to try it
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      been looking at new pedal releases from last year and noticed that the "newest" or at least pedals that are a bit different are glitch pedals

      a couple of examples
      The Hexe reVOLVER II is a Micro Looper/Glitch/Stutter pedal that really chops your signal up in the most sci-fi sounding way.

      The Red Panda Raster is a digital delay with a pitch shifter integrated into the feedback loop. This feature allows you to achieve harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite descents, chaotic self-oscillation and other cinematic walls of sound.

      The Keelley Absolüte Würst is a “random harmony generator" or just a joke pedal as it was released on April 1st

      Judder MWFX– well, it's a glitch pedal that drops in short bursts of echo, volume, time and modulation effects, looks nice but useful, I dunno


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        which reminds me of Snazzy FX, a company that created wacko pedals from 2010 onwards, and they're still in business
        recently they released the Divine Hammer, a somewhat different sounding pedal
        and they still have those outrageous pedals, the Wow and Flutter, the Mini Ark and the Tracer City

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          which also reminds me, last year at the Musikmesse I toyed around with the Pittsburg Modular Patch Box, you can load these up with eurorack synth modules and make outrageous sounds


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            Great thread! There are so many cool things that could be done with effects, specifically, tracking notes, plucks, volume envelopes, and using those to control parameters to sync effects to your playing. I've done this with analog effects I've built myself and it makes the effects feel super-responsive.
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              Awesome thread Bieke!