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Harmony Central Blues Jam from 2001

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  • Harmony Central Blues Jam from 2001

    A little flashback for the long-time HCers.

    In 2001, I sponsored a Blues Jam here at HC (in Guitar Jam, I believe). I solicited solos and then created two long blues jams. Some real old timers on this one...MoeMan on vocals, iSheepOz, daddysguitar, belle, and many others. That's me on drums (under my Jeff Left moniker).

    I've just posted them to Soundcloud:
    As life maps out onto my brow...

    Ed Phobes has taken music to a place where it has never been before, and will never go again. In my life, I have heard great music, and I have heard terrible music. Now I have heard this. Thank you. – sydfan

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    Cool, thanks for posting!!!
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      Hey that's cool jameroo der!