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Footswitching options on a multi fx unit.

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  • Kreatorkind
    started a topic Footswitching options on a multi fx unit.

    Footswitching options on a multi fx unit.

    I have one of these:



    The Digitech RP7. I use it for prettymuch all of my effects these days. The problem is, I've had it since 1997 and all the plastic footswitches are either broken or missing. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace them all with metal "toggle" style switches, like this:




    The chasis for the unit is all metal. Any thoughts? 

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    Shouldnt be a problem. You may even be able to mount the switches on the unit itself.

    The switches should be momentary switches, not locking switches like you use for normal stomp box on and off switching. The momentary switches only make a temporary contact when depressed, like a telegraph key of doorbell button. They dont latch to an on off condition like a light switch. The logic on the board latches the settings, the switch only triggers the chips to change conditions.


    You can buy metal momentary switches. They arent cheap. Thay usually cost between $7~12 each. If yu're replacing all 4 or 5 then thats $50 invested in a used unit. You may want to visit EBay and find a used unit and just use the parts to fix up your current unit. May take a ittle time but its probibly the way I'd do it. You could find a non funstional unit for $10 and canabalize the switches for yours or find a fully functional one for $50 and use your for a spare parts backup.

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