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bypass effects return with footswitch

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    bypass effects return with footswitch

    I have a peavey delta blues amp with jj tubes in it. The overdrive channel is awesome for that Marshally type jcm 800 crunch sound which I love. However niether channel is worth a crap for that really nice strat clean to slightly overdriven sound. Soooo I purchased a line6 hd300. Strat sound problem solved runnig the pedal through the return of the effects loop.However now I can't make the line6 crunch sound the way I like at all. Sooooo do any of you know how I could bypass the return so I can use the overdrive channel when needed. You see, with  something plugged into the return jack it shuts off the two channels. I have tried just running the pedal through the clean channel eeeeehhhh no good. overdrive channel eehhhhh,no good. So if you have any ideas on how to bypass the return jack with a foot pedal I would appreciate your input.Thank you.


    Get an A/B switch. Have a straight cord going from the A channel to the amps input, Have the B channel going to the line 6 that's connected to return.

    The only thing you'll have to know is if the return jack on the Peavy cuts the amps preamp off when something is connected to the amps return jack. If that's the case the switching will be much more involved.

    Try connecting the guitar straight to the amp- then plug a short 1/4" jack into the return. If you still have sound, then an A/B pedal should work.

    The only other problem I could see is, even though the input to the line 6 is removed when the A/B channels are switched, leaving the Line 6 connected may load the signal feeding the power amp, or it may introduce noise to the amp if you left effects running on the line 6. A chorus may still swirl or hiss from an overdrive will still be feeding the amps return.

    This is why I say, getting the line 6 fully removed from the amp switching A/B channeled may be more complex. You may have to try this method and see if its s solution first, and if not, you have to use a looper A/B switching. The pedal would not only bypass the line 6, but it also switches outputs from the looper to either the amp or amps return. This can be done with two switches in a single box, or with a single multi pole switch. 

    It still comes down to weather the return kills the amps preamp. If it does these solutions will not work properly. You'd likely have to use a looper switch that bridges the amps send and return when you take the line 6 off the return or rewire the amps return so its a buffered feed to the power amp not a switched input.

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