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  • mix with the masters subscription

    I recently invested in this.
    Many would think it's a lot of money (currently $329 for a year), but i think it's money well spent. There's a plethora of videos from many of the best producers, engineers in the world. The detail some of the videos go into is amazing.
    One thing that struck me so far is the different approaches they have to getting amazing results. e.g.. when mixing, Andy Wallace will solo instruments and spent a lot of time on their sounds, while other guys do very little soloing and prefer to concentrate on how things sound in the overall mix. Yet there's a common thread with a lot of these guys as to what's really important.
    It's an absolute treat to watch Al Schmitt mix a song... Joe Chiccarelli record a band etc etc.
    Another great feature is that there's videos on analogue, in the box, and hybrid setups... something for everyone.

    Only downside is i'm addicted to watching and learning from these videos and i'm not getting a lot done right now.

    I doubt i'll renew my subscription, as i'm sure i'll get through all the current stuff within a year, but i'm really glad i bit the bullet and ponied up for this.

    Highly recommended.
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    I have no experience with their videos, but I do know there's incredible value in learning from the masters of one's art and craft... and those folks you mentioned are the real deal.

    I've had the good fortune to learn from some very gifted people, so I can imagine that those videos would be well-worth the price, even if you only pick up a couple of revelations that gave you new insights that help you make better recordings and mixes... and I'd imagine most of us could pick up more than a few things.

    Again, learning from some of the best producer/engineers who ever lived is... priceless.

    Thanks for the mini-review!

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