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Need advice on new audio interface (old one died)

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  • Need advice on new audio interface (old one died)

    Hey all, I'm looking for some advice on a new audio interface replacement.

    What I'm replacing: M-Audio ProFire 2626

    My initial concern: Currently I record in 32 bit (float) / 48 kHz. Am I going to run into issues on my currently unfinished mixes if my replacement interface can only do 24 bit? I've never done a downward bit conversion like that on an active/unfinished project, and I am really scared of compromising what I've already spent a ton of time on.

    What I need out of an interface: I currently only use the interface for vocals, guitar (through FX pedal), and a bass guitar (DI). Vocals are the most important aspect of my music, so having a good sounding and clean/low noise preamp is a must.

    My computer set up (just in case that is important): i7 processor, 16gb RAM, Windows 10, Cubase Pro 8 DAW, KRK VXT6 monitors

    My budget: I probably want to keep this under $1000, but am not opposed to going over for something that would might be considered crucial.

    Lastly, I'm currently using an Audio Technica AT2020 mic for my vocals. If anyone has some recommendations for a mic upgrade as well as the interface, I'd love to hear it. I've heard good things about Rhodes, but not sure what to expect in terms of quality improvement.

    Anyways, that kind of sums it up. I searched for hours online yesterday to find a replacement, but quickly became lost in a sea of positive and negative reviews for every product under the sun, without any verifiable way to tell if one really was better than any other. Also, I'm not in a great position to get out and test or hear equipment. So, testing mics and/or interfaces before I buy isn't really an option...not ideal, I know, but that's the reality of the situation.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks ahead of time for any input. I greatly appreciate it!

    M-Audio ProFire2626Cubase 5Izotope Ozone 52.8GHZ Quad Core Intel Processor4GB RAMKRK VXT-4

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    That old I/F of yours is "only" 24 bit. It's quite common for your DAW to convert it to 32 bit float and save it as such. Any new I/F should work the same .


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      Thanks RR. That's a relief to know!

      Any advice on brands or particular models I should be looking at for a replacement?
      M-Audio ProFire2626Cubase 5Izotope Ozone 52.8GHZ Quad Core Intel Processor4GB RAMKRK VXT-4


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        I just have a $100 four channel Behringer - they're all so good these days that I doubt anyone can actually tell the difference between that and a $1000 one but if you're doing this for money you'll want something more socially acceptable .


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          Older thread but topic of interest. My budget is much more modest About $200 or less. I only need 2 I/Os, if that, as it's just me on vocals/keyboard and I can and probably often will do one at a time. Want MIDI. The leading candidates:

          - Steinberg UR22
          - M Audio MTrack 2x2M
          - Roland Rubix
          - Behringer 202