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  • Correcting Your Signature

    Unfortunately the code in signatures didn't translate when we moved back to vBulletin, so you may find weird characters and formatting issues with your forum signature. Here are the instructions (courtesy of Bass Forum moderator ThudMaker) on how to repair your signature:

    __________________________________________________ ________

    I know a lot of you have signatures that appear to be long and full of code. When they ported over signatures from the old version of the site, the data scraped as raw HTML. That's straight from admin. Unfortunately there is no global fix, so you will have to do it individually. Here's how-

    Click on your user name in the upper right hand corner>
    Select User Settings>
    You'll then get a window with 4 tabs across the top: Profile, Account, Privacy, Notifications>
    Select Accounts>
    Scroll down and select: Conversation Detail Options>
    Then click on Edit Post Signature>

    From here you can either:
    a) Strip our the HTML or recreate the sig all together or
    b) if you have a complicated signature, copy and paste it into word or text edit and make it Plain Text. Then copy and paste it back into the signature.


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    Here are some images to help -

    To access your User Settings:

    Then go to the Edit Signature Drop Down:

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