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  • Harmony Central Spam Rules

    Harmony Central Spam Rules:

    1. Any member who owns or works for a musically-relevant company (gear manufacturer, retailer, musician's support / service companies such as studios, booking agencies, clubs, gear repair and mod services, etc. etc.) can put a reasonably SHORT blurb and link to their company in their HC signature. Bands, audio engineers, musicians and so forth can do likewise. This includes retailers such as someone who owns or works for a music equipment retailer.

    2. Moderators retain the right to edit signatures to remove unacceptable material or overly-long sigs. When in doubt about the length of your signature, feel free to ask a moderator or site administrator for assistance via PM.

    3. No manufacturer or company rep can start a thread about their own company. However, if a legit forum member asks a question about a company or their products / services, the company reps are free to come in and answer those questions and provide more information. This serves our members and is encouraged. "Shills" are not allowed; the questions have to come from legit HC members, not from other company reps trying to act as if they're unaffiliated with the company in order to circumvent the spam rules.

    4. Exceptions can be made at the moderator's discretion IF the company contacts them first for permission and if they feel the proposed post is something that the community will be interested in and serves their interests, or is a public service announcement or charitable in nature. For example, we occasionally allow "give-away" and contest info to be posted on various HC forums. If you are interested in posting a giveaway or charity event / auction thread, contact the moderator of the forum you wish to post it in, or one of the site administrators via PM (Private Message.)

    5. The only other exception to the above policy is if a company is actively "sponsoring" a forum (or Pro Review thread) and paying for advertising on HC. For example, if Pearl was sponsoring the Drum forum, they can go in once in a while (once a week at most) and start a thread in the forum they sponsor about their new snare drum. Again, this privilege shouldn't be abused and if you suspect it is, or if you're not sure if a "spammish" post is from a forum sponsor, please contact an admin.

    6. Threads spamming other music-related sites and forums are not allowed on Harmony Central. If someone is a moderator, owner, or otherwise affiliated with another music site, they can put a link to their site in their sig.

    7. Gear for sale. For HC Members with gear for sale, we've provided the HC Classifieds. Please do not post Want To Buy or For Sale posts in the other forums. Direct links to Ebay auctions and Craigslist ads in member signatures are not allowed. Instead, we encourage you to put a link to your HC Classified post in your signature. You're welcome to post links to your Craigslist, Ebay and Reverb (et al) auctions in your post in the HC Classifieds.

    8. New member spam for non-musically related stuff (Ugg boots, psychics in Pakistan, porn sites, kitchen remodeling, et al.) will be deleted on sight by the moderators and administrators, and the poster will be immediately perma-banned from the site, and all their other posts will be deleted. If you see spam of this nature, we'd appreciate it if you would please "flag" the post and let us know about it. Since we can not read every post the instant it goes up, this helps us greatly in our never-ending efforts to keep spam off the site and to delete it as quickly as possible.

    Reporting (or "flagging") objectionable posts is an easy process. Here's how:

    First, click the Flag button for the post you want to report. You'll find it right near the bottom of the post.

    When you click on the Flag button, a dialog box will open up. Please type in a short message so the moderators will know the reason why you flagged the post.

    Once you've typed that, just hit the "Send Report" button.

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