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RIP Hal Blaine

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  • RIP Hal Blaine

    Very sorry to learn this morning that Hal Blaine passed away. I met him several years ago and thought he was a very nice man.
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    Arguably the greatest studio session drummer of all time... the sheer amount and variety of material he contributed to is just staggering.

    “Rest easy on the 2 and 4 Hal.”


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        only consolation I know, is a lot of music to listen to with Hal Blaine is recorded history...


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          he was the heartbeat of 60s and 70s music...he played on just about everything...40 #1s, 150+ top 10s...thousands of sessions..a legend here in L.A.
          RIP, Mr. Blaine.
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            With 65,000 recordings, he will live on.

            My first instrument was drums, before I moved on to sax, flute, bass, guitar, keys, and windsynth. I learned rudiments and how to read drum music in school, but Hal Blaine really taught me how to play drums. Not directly, but through his recordings. He supported the songs, never overpowering them but improving them, and always respecting the music.

            RIP Hal
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              Truly a gigantic loss. Hal was the beat to so many hits. RIP


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                Much love to him and the entire ‘Wrecking Crew’ ..that select bunch of studio Musicians were the backbone of SO many hit songs we all grew up with..
                Gotta say though, of all the Luminaries of the Wrecking Crew...And Good God, I love/loved them all,
                Hal Blaine and Carol Kaye were the two whose talents I focused on the most.

                RIP Hal Blaine