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    When I googled the name of the song I want followed by sheet music I am given about a dozen sites that offer that song for around $4.99

    the song I am intrested in at the moment is shut up and dance by walk the moon
    I phoned my local music shop and they said they had the song but only in a composition book of 20 songs
    the book was £9.99 which makes each song 50p each, a big difference to being ripped off online but non of the other songs in that book are of any use to me

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    This is all my personal opinion and philosophy. It might or might not work for you...

    Think of it this way, if you like 3 songs in the book of 20, you are ahead of the $4.99 per song price, and the rest are free.

    There is economy in buying collections. I sell single styles and collections of styles for Band-in-a-Box A single style costs $7,95 but you can buy up to 30 styles in a collection for $33.95 or a little more than $1 each.

    Why? The cost of making a sale. When I make a sale the shopping cart takes a share, the credit card authorization company takes a flat rate and a share, the credit card merchant's account takes a flat rate and a share, and after so many deposits per month the bank takes a share. So after the 'silent partners' take their money, I get what is left. On a single style sale what I keep isn't that much, and mostly you are paying the 'silent partners', not me.

    Besides, do you watch every channel on your TV subscription? Listen to every station on the radio? Make every recipe in a cookbook? Read every article in a magazine or newspaper? And so on.

    Think about what you want out of the collection, not what you don't want. If there is enough to make it worth the money, consider the rest that you don't want as free fluff. And some day you just might change your mind and find a gem in there.

    Insights and incites by Notes
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