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Anyone remember Black Market Daydreams...?

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  • Anyone remember Black Market Daydreams...?

    After an insane length of time for all the strange stuff that goes around trying to put out a first album, it's official. Mark Longworth's "Black Market Daydreams" has a new released version. This is the link to it on Spotify; it's in a lot of other usual online places as well as physical CD.

    It's Track 2. Black Market Daydreams as performed by a 6-piece prog band.

    When are we going to do the Mark Longworth Compilation Album?
    Peace Love Aliens, an album by Fredfin Wallaby on Spotify

    Martyn Wheeler (playing synthesizers/organ like it's 1973 in England)

    now: Fredfin Wallaby
    was: The Gonzo Symphonic

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    And here's the original version:

    Black Market Daydreams
    my tunes