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Anybody noticed it's getting hard to log in here?

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  • Anybody noticed it's getting hard to log in here?

    Can't log in at all with my cellphone. My PC asks me 2 or 3 times for my password, then eventually works.

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    I haven't had any issues.


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      No issues for me on pc or tablet. Have you tried a different browser?
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        Sometimes I get a blank login screen. Restarting the browser fixes it so far.
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          No issues here either, but I'll mention it to Chris. Sorry you're having problems Phil.

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            No problems to report.


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              I have a sneaking suspicion only the people who can log in will be weighing in on this question. ;-)


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                Your logic here is irrefutable...

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              I don't ever post here on my phone, but from three desktops, I've never had an issue.
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                I think I sorted it.

                On my cell, I switched off javascript in Chrome so I could read my FB messages without installing their nefarious messenger app, which keeps HC from loading. I also installed Firefox because it had an extension to zoom & reflow text. Neither will log into HC. That's actually ok; since I retired recently I can always run to the studio & use my 'real' PC to cruise here.