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From Rock Star to Astronaut!

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  • From Rock Star to Astronaut!

    Came across this video today. Scott Tingle is currently a NASA astronaut on board the International Space Station. However, when he was younger he played guitar in a local band through high school and college, and apparently they had some success (at least at the local level). He talks about how the skills he learned in the band have stayed with him into his career with NASA. He still plays, and the video opens with him playing some riffs on his guitar. Enjoy!

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    People like him are really amazing and interesting.
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      Cool video - thanks for posting it!

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        What an amazing guy! One of the things I noticed was that he is still playing the Strat he played in his youth. People like that just make you want to believe everything is gonna be alright...Y'know?

        Thanks for posting MP!