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  • Sylvia Massy's Potato Filters

    Producer/Engineer Sylvia Massy is known for some unconventional session techniques (see her book Recording Unhinged, or my review of it on my web site). She likes to do weird things to amplifiers with the goal of getting a new and hopefully useful sound. One of her tricks is to connect potatoes in series with the speaker leads. I thought this was so wacky I had to try it myself and run some tests to see what's going on. Read my lab notes here.

    Honestly, I was rather underwhelmed but I'd love to hear from a real guitarist or ten. Maybe I'm missing something. Try it. If you don't like what it does to your guitar tone, you can always make some hash browns for tomorrow's breakfast.

    Just a word of caution - If you only have tube amplifiers (good for you!) be VERY careful with levels. Start with the master (or only) gain all the way down and bring it up slowly. You won't blow a speaker but pushing it too hard could blow an output tube or, worse, the output transformer. Solid state amplifiers don't have this risk but will just sound worse and worse as you crank it up. The article explains why the difference, so there's something to learn, always.

    PS - Does anyone like Sylvia's new haircut?
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    I can see why Sylvia liked your write-up Mike - it was really well done.

    I haven't seen her new hairstyle.

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      I enjoyed reading your report Mike. Thanks for posting.