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    Originally posted by Luke17 View Post
    me too...
    peace, AJ..:-)
    I love surveys...and Pie Charts
    I hope those two German Boys post the results of their survey...and I hope they use at least one Pie Chart..
    Dear God,
    I so love Pie Charts

    Peace....of Pie Chart to you Luke


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      Originally posted by daddymack View Post
      Completely overlooked all my PA gear...!! Mics, speakers, mixer boards, outboard fx...a whole related but overlooked aspect of G.A.S. for many of us...
      Live sound / PA and recording studio equipment were categories that were totally overlooked. I can understand focusing on musical instruments, but OTOH, live sound and recording equipment are essential to what many musicians "do."

      Then again, just as well that they left that out - it would have taken me much longer to fill out the survey had they left it in.


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        I'm not a gear collector. I have one of everything. 1 electric guitar, 1 acoustic guitar, 1 bass guitar, 1 electronic keyboard, 1 guitar amp, 1 bass amp, 1 keyboard amp, 1 drum kit, 1 acoustic piano (Kohler & Campbell baby grand), 1 electric organ (Hammond B-3 with Leslie 122).
        The only thing I have more than 1 of is microphones. As I have a recording studio and I have also provided live sound, so I also have more than 1 PA speaker. 2 mains and 2 subs as well as a large number of microphones and mic stands. Oh yeah and a few hundred cables of varying types.
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          As a gigging musician, I need two of everything. Because if something fails, the show must go on.

          Makes me glad I'm not a Hammond B-3 player
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