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    I really appreciate your thoughts, Craig.

    There is nothing quite like hobbling your main thing, or having it hobbled for you, to get a shift in the paradigm. And I think no less of my songs that didn't start with a riff from my electric violin. There are a few of my songs that I believe could go far with the right lyrics and a singer. But I'm with Notes -as far as lyrics go. Wordy, in my case. Needs more sha na na, shoobie doobie, oh baby, that kind of stuff.

    I love so many points in the songwriting process, not just when I finally start scribbling all over them with the violin. I absolutely relish the advent of the bass line. I'm rolling my hands, cackling, drooling.

    I have an idea for a movie, and a TV show- which could really help save music I think. Seriously. It needs saving, doesn't it?

    I've taken up the mandolin-the fingering is the same as a violin. It's a red Epiphone Mandobird. It's just that those frets kind of get in the way, and I can tell you that bow skills do not transfer to picking very much. It is fun though. I tried an Ovation Mandolin. It seemed very nice, though I had no grounds for comparison. But for $2000 I thought I shouldn't be seeing torn away wood on the inside where they'd punched through. So I sent it back. Sometimes I wish I hadn't. I intend to revisit the search for another mandolin though, but $$$ are tight right now. My mixes improved a lot by taking a time out from song-writing and ironing out some things, and I'm really glad I did that.

    Speaking of movies, bells were dinging all over the place for me when my son and I saw Dr. Strange. Ego death, indeed.

    I certainly do miss playing an acoustic, and being part of an orchestra, fairly often. But I was straddling a fence, and to a fault, couldn't seem to choose. So, the choice was made for me. I'm pretty much back in business with the electric. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to figure out a way to strap it on. I was sitting looking at it one day and it just dawned on me. Matter settled in a few hours. So, if my pain levels are low enough that I can do much of anything, I can play it. That really meant worlds to me. The universe, or maybe it was karma, made it's point though.

    This is all not to say that there weren't days when I couldn't get out of bed, (particularly before my kid was born) and it wasn't just the physical pain that kept me there. There were plenty of days when this beat me. Like Nat said around here somewhere, you can't steer if you aren't moving.

    There was a woman that thought I was worth it, and I owe a lot to her.
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