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This an outrage !

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  • This an outrage !

    Just kidding. New feature in Firefox 52. JFTR why isn't this an HTTPS connection?

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    Simma down now (Just kidding as well). Nothing is insecure. Not everyone is seeing the message. We believe it may be that we are on the last update and yet to update to the newest release of vB. (coming very soon) It may also have something to do with browser choice as I never see this nor does Phil. Seems to be limited to Firefox and Chrome users. But of course Wikileaks reported today that the CIA can now track our every move, so maybe nothing is secure!

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      For the record, I use the latest version of Firefox as my main browser, but I'm usually using one of my Macs. Maybe it is just the PC users who see it?

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    Bad thing about Chrome: They prevent you from using an insecure site. Talk about your nannyware!