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"Crossfire Hurricane" Is Now on Netflix

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  • "Crossfire Hurricane" Is Now on Netflix

    Hulu has Ron Howard's Beatles movie...Netflix has the Rolling Stones. I must say it was interesting to realize that...
    • Brian Jones was a huge part of the band early on. He was the Stones' Syd Barrett, in spookily parallel ways. The sections of the movie that deal with him are particularly poignant. I remembered I sort of lost interest in the band after Brian Jones died, just like Pink Floyd wasn't the same after "Piper at the Gates of Dawn."
    • At one point, Keith Richards didn't look 342 years old.
    • Andrew Loog Oldham decided that the Stones would be the anti-heroes to the Beatles. It didn't happen organically.
    • Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman were one effing solid rhythm section.
    • I didn't realize how Gibson-centric the band was.
    • Did girls really scream their heads off when they saw bands? Yup.
    • The Stones didn't know what to do for a follow-up to their first album because they'd only done covers. Songwriting didn't come easily to them.
    Those were different times...

    Worth a watch. but I have to say One Plus One by Jean-Luc Godard, although it's kinda pointless and boring (sorry), was very interesting in terms of getting insights into the start-to-finish creative process behind "Sympathy for the Devil."

    I'd be interested to hear what those born after the 60s think of this movie...

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    dang... almost deleted this as a spam thread...

    Jones had pretty much quit the Stones when they found him dead...
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    Originally posted by daddymack View Post
    Jones had pretty much quit the Stones when they found him dead...
    According to the movie, he'd already been fired prior to that. The others say he was on a lot of drugs, they never knew when he would show up, then he'd show up and play something great. But there were also parts where it seemed he really wasn't into being famous and was uncomfortable. Those things are why it reminded me of Syd Barrett.
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      Syd, though was likely never really completely stable, and his descent into darkness was far more rapid and profound; where as in Jones case, I think he could tell the Glimmer Twins were taking over...Satanic Majesty was certainly Jones' wake up call that all was not going well. I was always surprised they managed to keep it together after that album, but Beggar's Banquet and Let it Bleed saw him being marginalized stage by stage, even while the critical acclaim was coming back, and considering he was the one who originally started the Stones, the writing by Mick and Keef completely overshadowed his influence, and his contributions were minimal on the last two albums, due in large part to his legal issues and drug abuse.
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