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  • Ever Done A Drop-In For Radio?

    So Lucky to have achieved another milestone in a tumultuous and coddywompleistic career. I was asked to do a DROP-IN for an internet radio station. This is something I've dreamed of, fantasized about and finally realised after decades of chasing this particular rainbow.
    As a young man I would listen to my heros and Icons blurb their names and the radio stations on which they were aired wondering how it felt to be in that position. Tonight I have done exactly that. My blurb and music is right up alongside the music with which I grew up along with todays popular tunes and let me relate the feeling of sheer breathless joy and surrealness that has accompanied this dream come true. at least twice a day for the foreseeable future yours truly will drop-in and plug the radio station as my original music is played alongside the greats of the industry.
    My simple home made jams holde their own quite nicely with the likes of well known musicians of every stripe which boggles my minde to say the least.
    Written and recorded by me, the plug was so much honest fun I'm still smilin'. Nailed it on the second take. LOL!
    The harder I work the luckier I get. thanks for lettin me share. RLSpencer
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    I've done several songs custom tailored for my buddies show at a Chicago station. He does a show with mostly Calypso music and gave him a couple of songs in that genre to air. He even did the whole live interview with me that lasted about 10 minutes before he played the songs. He uses the one song as a bumper tune on a regular basis too.

    The thing is Its not like I got paid for them and I wasn't playing out live much so it wasn't very useful from that aspect either. Chicago is over a thousand miles from where I live so it its not like people in my own town heard it. I did get a copy of the broadcast so it can use it as a resume enhancer but that's about it.

    I've done other broadcasts on local radio shows too. Most of them were from live shows in Downtown Houston and NJ shows I've done.

    The one thing you learn is fame is very short lived. A broadcast might be able to give you a little bump in popularity if you're playing out regularly and you promote it before it airs and have fans who listen. Even then it doesn't do you allot of good unless you have some way of channeling it into selling your music. Back in the day you'd sell albums. That model is dead at this point.

    If you have songs uploaded to your own website to promote you and/or your band, or uploaded to a site where people can buy the songs then the radio can be used as a method of advertisement. Its a fine line in being able to advertise on a radio station however. If your broadcast brings in allot of listeners they may let you promote your website for free, otherwise you're the same as any other advertiser who has to pay the station to have they're product sold.


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      Music Plays, Downloads and my name on folkes' lips OH MY= Exposure


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        My group Case Of The Blues is slated to do a drop-in at a Des Moines TV station in March. I'll let you know how that goes...


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          As promised, here's how my TV station drop in went. Hope it brings out a good audience for our show tomorrow...

          Hmm... Looks like the link is expired... Replaced by newer video I suppose.
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