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Post-fader is my problem, eh?

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  • Post-fader is my problem, eh?

    I picked up a Behringer 1202fx mixer for a new guitar and mic looping set up, but I'm now figuring out there's no pre-fader effects send, only post-fader. Must be why I can't get a 100% wet signal through the send/return going out to an external processor. Or am I missing something?

    Assuming I need to swap the mixer out with one that has a pre-fader effects send, what can you recommend that also some tolerable internal fx (for basic vocals) and around the same price as the 1202fx?
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    For under $100 you don't get very many knobs. The Mackie ProFXv2 series would do what you want and (perhaps unfortunately) more. The ProFX8v2 is just under $200 and is probably the smallest one of the series that would meet your needs. It has two mono mic input channels, one of which can be used as an instrument DI, the outher can be used as a mono line input. There's one dedicated stereo line input channel and two other mic inputs channels that can be either mono mic channels, mono line channels, or stereo line channels. It also has USB in and out for recording the main mix or playing audio from a connected computer (think break music or backing tracks). There's a 3-band EQ on each channel strip, built-in effect processor that's normalled to the effects bus, and a post-EQ, pre-fader monitor bus with a send control on each channel.

    On second look, looks like the Behringer 1204USB might be the next step up from what you have now, only about $40 more. It has an FX bus as well as an Aux bus that can be switched to be either pre- or post-fader.
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      Awesome. Thanks, Mike. I'll look into that Mackie more. From what I can tell, the USB version of the Behringer doesn't have internal fx, aside from eq and compression. So, I think the 8 channel Mackie may be the winner here. Cheers!