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Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

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  • Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

    Here's hoping that all here, and everywhere have a Happy Thanksgiving, That all have enough to eat, the company of friends and family to celebrate with and be thankful for. This will be my 64th Thanksgiving, and while I've lost a lot of loved ones over the years, I'm grateful that I still have my wife of 31 years, our Lad of 21 years, and my siblings and their progeny to celebrate and feast with.

    I'm also grateful for this place we inhabit together, the chance to have fellowship, swap stories, and share knowledge with each other,,,

    I hope every single one of you enjoy the day!
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    Thanksgiving - a celebration of the first illegal immigrants

    Seriously, it is a good "family time," and perhaps more oriented toward reflection than Christmas. Every year Gibson has a get-together and I must say, it's always nice to feel a family vibe in a company setting.

    The best part, though, were prizes for the best dessert. So when faced with a table having so many entries, I wait for the winners to be announced, then eat their desserts.

    Given no family in the area, and friends off doing family things for Thanksgiving, I plan on seeing The Arrival. I figure starting tomorrow, driving anywhere will be an exercise in insanity, and malls - the places most likely to have movie theaters - will be packed to the gills. I hear it's a good movie and having not seen very many movies this year, it's time to catch up. And I'm thankful for the fact that for whatever reason, the Nashville theaters I go to have exemplary sound! Perhaps that's a fringe benefit from living in "music city."

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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      For Black Friday, we got out of the house....to go hiking. Eight mile hike, 1100 ft. elevation gain, beautiful day, gorgegous views overlooking the Pacific all the way to the rolling hills and mountains inland. Took it all in while eating a delicious sandwich. That's my idea of a good Black Friday.
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