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    Hey guys, my name is Outr3ach. I'm an upcoming producer/DJ and I just released my first official track on soundcloud. I would really appreciate some feedback; I will make sure to take this feedback and incorporate it into my future work. The Track is called VITAL and its a free download, so if you like it feel free to like,repost or download it! Appreciate it so much.

    Thank you

    Link : https://soundcloud.com/outr3ach/vital-free-download

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    One of the problems I have with today's tools is that it's easy to create something with the "look and feel" of music, but doesn't have a soul at its core. So you end up with a collection of riffs that follow the formula, but don't stray outside it.

    The bottom line is what I'm hearing doesn't have anything I haven't heard before. The most interesting part was when it went to the break in the middle, and I thought maybe it would go in a different direction...but it didn't. Today, almost every kind of music ever made is a click away. To rise above the noise, you have to contribute something original, something that makes people go "Hmm...never heard anything quite like that before, play it again."

    This is harder to do with EDM. If something has vocals, people have very distinctive voices so they can sound very different. Wth EDM, a head-banger like Carl Cox is going to sound very different from, say, Armin Van Buuren, who will sound different from Eric Prydz or Calvin Harris but they have their own sounds.

    To dig deeper, there's no percussion driving the tune. You have the kick drum but a lot of really interesting EDM, particularly house, has intricate percussion patterns complementing the beat.

    I don't want to be discouraging, I want you to dig deeper inside yourself and say something that's uniquely you and that I haven't heard before. It's easy to create the "look and feel" of music, it's harder to tell a story, or give it a soul. Surprise me, shock me.

    Personally I think the dubstep LFO filter stuff has overstayed its welcome. I think the world is ripe for a hardcore Belgian techno revival that incorporates electric guitars

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    • Outr3ach
      Outr3ach commented
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      Hey man, appreciate this feedback. I get where you are coming from, and I'll hopefully be able to find "myself". I guess I just haven't found my uniqueness just yet. I can make decent music, I think i have the production down but the originality is what I still need to develop. Thank you for your in depth feedback, really appreciate you taking the time to listen and write all of this.

      Thank you

    • BlueGreene
      BlueGreene commented
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      This is really good feedback. In a lot of ways, its easier to stand out with very similar elements in non electronic music. Say singer song writers using capoed major chords. Quite literally the exact same notes and strumming patters repeated perhaps a zillion times, but because everyone is using their own voice, their sound stands out.

      Also, don't be afraid to suck. It's hard, but true. With hard work and dedication, you will find your voice, and your taste will show itself.

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    I really appreciate that the OP didn't get defensive...criticism can actually be a shortcut to improvement because you don't have to wait until you come to these realizations yourself.

    When I took advantage of the "SSS Production Squad" expertise to comment on the songs for my Neo- album, it was incredibly helpful and made the music much better than it would have been otherwise. Some call it criticism...I call it "free consulting."
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    CHECK IT OUT: Lilianna!, my latest song, is now streamable from YouTube.

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      Outr3ach, I listened to your track. I believe full disclosure is necessary here however.
      I don't really dig EDM. I don't disco...Too old. But Craig Anderton knows all about the stuff. He's been involved in it for a long time. I actually started listening to it for a while because he was extolling the virtues of it. So I have a respect for what goes into producing the stuff, even if it's not my idea of "Walking Around" music.

      it's obvious you put quite a bit of thought into the piece, and as far as production values go, it sounds quite even. But I know what Craig is talking about when it comes to not really having any 'Soul" in it.

      Keep working! And pay attention when Craig speaks. He is always a great encourager, and his criticisms are always constructive..He's an old goat like me, but he has traveled very far and his Kung Fu is very strong!